22 January 2009

Bad computer news:-(

Earlier this week, right as I was planning to upgrade the RAM on my laptop, it quit working. Nothing. Just a black screen and the fan humming along. Because there was no great grinding or other scary noises I am hoping that the hard drive is OK. Not only that, but my best techie pal went out of town the next day and is not expected back until mid-week next week! So, this means I only have internet access at work. Sorry for the delay... although I wasn't getting things up here too quickly anyway.

Thanks for your patience!

12 January 2009

Sorry for the delay #2

Life has been very intense since the new year rolled in. Jon and I are doing much praying and seeking the will of God for the future, so it is difficult to write our story right now. Your prayers are appreciated and what I said earlier still stands: the pain of trying to have your own way is always far worse than the pain necessitated by following hard after Jesus.

Will try to get some other random posts up this week.