26 February 2009

Congrats Daniel and Amy!

My beloved little sister Amy and her wonderful husband Daniel celebrated 9 years of marriage today. It is hard for me to believe that they have been married for so long:-D They inspire me continually with their faithfulness and love for each other. They give commitment a good name! God has been so gracious to them and I can see His Spirit at work in their lives in so many ways. Check out Amy's blog and see some fun pics from this last year.

I love you, DnA!

Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!

Today would be Johnny Cash's 77th birthday. In honor of that, I encourage you to check out this music video of his cover of the song Hurt written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. I am not sure when I first saw this, but it moved me then and it still moves me now. I love reality in art, and this definitely is redemptive reality.

25 February 2009

Latest computer update

This week the RAM and the external hard drive were delivered. My ever-available techie friend said he could probably come by on Friday or Saturday to install the RAM, so I am hopeful that picture-editing will be happening soon! Not that I have many pictures to edit, mind you, but I do have some that have been sitting on my hard drive for a L-O-N-G time waiting to be posted and blogged about.

10 February 2009

Good computer news!

Thanks be to God! My computer did not crash as originally believed. Rather, my ipod had interfered with the boot-up and it was only temporary. When the possibility was brought to my attention, I shut it down, started it up and all was well. I still need to upgrade my RAM and add an external hard drive, but I don't have any need to fear for the moment. Now if only I could remember to save toward a new computer so I am not taken by surprise when it finally does kick the bucket.