20 August 2010

Simple sewing projects on the horizon

I've been itching to sew, but our current apt has been a sauna in this extremely hot weather. So much for moving north for cooler summers! However, today I have a half-day of work and I really do want to get some sewing done. I have several projects that are calling for finishing, but I wanted to post a couple of links that look quick, fun, and definitely useful.

Over at Sew Mama Sew today they had a posting asking for your favorite sewing tutorial. I've been looking for a good one to make those reusable fabric lunch bags I've seen on Etsy and on other sites. And today someone linked to a really good one. Will let you know how mine turn out.

I've also been wondering what to do what a number of T-shirts that I have that have sentimental value but which I do not wear. One good idea was this T-shirt turned shopping bag. Since it is very minimal sewing, I am considering making a few today. Another interesting use for a big t-shirt is this tutorial for yoga pants. I'm always looking for additions to my workout wear that won't cost much. May have to try this.


Sara and I have taken a lease on a new apt just up the street from our current one. Our lease will start Oct 1st on this 2-bedroom third-floor walk-up and we are VERY excited. We were looking for a place where we could settle down for a few years and really get invested in our neighborhood. The apt is circled(?) in purple in the image above. All of those windows are ours and face west for some beautiful sunlight. After we move in and get things situated I'll try to get more pics up. One exciting development is that the additional space should give me a full-time sewing/creating space.