26 April 2010

UFO update--2 down, 2 almost there

This was a successful sewing weekend! I finished altering KG's bridesmaid dress for the wedding this coming weekend. Abby's bag is also finished, and as soon as I finish Lydia's quilt (hopefully tonight!) I will be mailing them both off to KS. In addition I started one of the IO shirts and hope to get the rest cut and possibly sewn in the next few days. Sara has dance classes on Monday and Wednesday, so I am hoping for a bit more sewing time sans guilt for ignoring the beautiful people in my life :-)

Hopefully will have some pics to add to this in a little bit.

23 April 2010

First Round of UFOs

This weekend will be the first round of UFOs up for finish. I am hoping to finish all or most of the first 4 items. Some have deadlines and others have lovely people waiting for them :-) Will post pictures when possible. For right now, this is a bit how I feel about the list in front of me.

this pic is from my trip to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs CO in Sept 09.

21 April 2010

spring cleaning your stash inspiration

Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio had an interesting post on keeping your quilting going and had some lovely pictures of her organized studio. Very inspiring!

That led to a post on how to fold your fabric, also very inspiring. I recommend you check it out.

Can't wait to get back to spring cleaning!

20 April 2010

Quilt inspiration

This quilt was the Quilt of the Day at Sew Mama Sew. Thought it might inspire some visual fun if I shared it here.

photos compliments of Leila Badbloods Flickr photostream

Back on here again

I am back! :-) Tallgrass Prairie Studio is doing a Spring to Finish challenge to get UFOs (UnFinished Objects) out of the sewing room and into life. The challenge started yesterday and runs through May 31st. Since I have a long list of UFOs and a life that is in flux, this seemed like a good time to get things rolling. I've put my list in the sidebar and included the button to the challenge. You may notice that not all of them are sewing projects. That is in the spirit of inclusion and general "bringing orderliness to life."

If you are interested in bringing the same to your life, I encourage you to join the challenge. I will hopefully be posting pictures as projects get finished so you all can enjoy the thrill as well.