27 February 2008

My inspiration

Some of you personally know my beloved sister Amy and her husband Daniel, and others only by hearsay. Whether I've gushed over them or not in your presence I do want to take this moment to congratulate them. Yesterday was their 8th wedding anniversary! I know it is not easy to be married (let alone be married with children) in this day and age. Not only has their marriage grown and flourished, but so has their family. Please check out Amy's post and pass on your congratulations for all of their hard work and love!

For the very few people in my life who may not have heard this already: Daniel is single-handedly responsible for restoring my faith in marriage. Watching his love for my sister and the passion and joy they bring to each others' lives has shored up my hope that there are still good men out there. Daniel, barring Dad, you are the greatest example of a loving husband and father that I have in my life! Thanks for your faithfulness!

21 February 2008

The twists of life

So, after months, even years, of posting my thoughts online, today I wondered if it was a good idea. In a fit of... stupidity? innanity? thoughtlessness? I blurted out the name of my blog at work. Not really a big deal, but it made me think again about all that I have posted and I wondered what would happen. One of my co-workers decided to check it out and that resulted in a brief conversation about my church habits. I knew he was not religious, but I hadn't realized that my own spiritual position did not really come up at work.

I remember when a friend of mine went through the same struggle. She had used her blog sort of as a mind dump and then people who were not very intimate with her life started reading it. There was the angst of being "found out." Confusion over what the blog should actually be about. Concerns about whether or not she should self-censor to avoid misunderstandings or awkward revelations. Nothing that serious here, but it was thought-provoking anyway.

Aside from the mild embaressment motivated by my lack of online intellectual depth, there really is no reason to change. Although I am very faulty in the implementation of this, I always try to be the same person in whatever circumstance I find myself in. I suppose this is a good test. Will the Rebecca of daily life in Chicago claim the Rebecca of The Domestic Intellectual?

Totally speaking of pizza, when my co-worker was looking at my blog I realized the dearth of pics of me. This I vow to rectify this year. I just have to remember to bring my camera out when life is happening.

PS: I wrote two poems yesterday and I may try to edit some of my (more) recent writing and get it out here. I really haven't put much out here in the past few months.

14 February 2008

Museum of Modern Ice

I can't say that I really ever thought of painting on ice. However, someone did. Gordon Halloran. Not only that, he figured out how to keep it frozen. Honestly, the engineering was as intriguing as the actually artwork.

Saturday Katka and I went up to Millennium Park to take a break from resume and cover letter writing. The Chicago Cultural Center has interesting exhibits and they are all free. We took in all the exhibits in the Center and then headed over to the Park. The Museum of Modern Ice is one big display with 2 sides: one side of large blocks in variegated color spectrum and one side of combination blocks and long skinny pieces like icicles. I personally liked the skinny pieces better.
Enjoy the pics of the display and of me and Katka.

Katka actually looked better in front of the blue section, but for some reason I couldn't get the picture to flip upright, so this one goes on the blog:-) I've been having trouble editing my pics from my camera.

By the way, do you like the new haircut?

13 February 2008

Less than 10 minutes....

The timer is counting down and when it goes off I will officially be out of computer time until I do something more creative or more profitable. So I wanted to make a quick post to tell you, more is coming! I took pictures this past weekend when Katka was down so their are some of me and her as well as some of the ice art on display in Millennium Park.

In addition, I do want to get up another book list/review, as I have read a bit since the last book post.

Finally, I want to point you in the direction of Sara and Jud's new blog. Check it out, you may get a laugh.

I am so glad it is Wednesday!

04 February 2008

So beautiful it takes my breath away

Like all electronic images, this one, I am sure, does little justice to the original. I just read an interview of Makoto Fujimura by Tim Challies and had to point you that way. I originally heard about Fujimura via an article in World Magazine that highlighted the collection of paintings he did post 9/11. After visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris I realized that abstract art can speak to you in ways that representational art can't. Anyway, I think it's worth the read and I hope to some day make it to NYC so I can take in the art in real time.

02 February 2008

A few important things

First, I am feeling like a total idiot. I just realized that I never posted the fabulous New Year's News of 1620 S Michigan: Sara and Jud are engaged! They are planning a small family wedding on Tybee Island, Ga for the second weekend in April. I will be her sole attendant. It will be the 7th time I have stood up in a wedding, but my first time as the maid of honor. Sara will be wearing this dress and I will be wearing this dress in the brown pictured. (Sorry I couldn't just drop in the images.) I will do my best to get some real pictures up here when the time comes. My friend Ewa from church will be flying down with his wife to take the pictures. You can see some of his work on his website. I personally think he is amazing.

Second, this changing of relationships necessitated that I find a new place to live. I love our apartment here in the south loop and it has been a great place for Sara and I to make a home, but even with a new roommate it is just too expensive. I was praying hard for a good situation, since who you live with can make or break your desire to go home. Enter my friend Dr. Rosie de Rosset of Moody Bible Institute. We had dinner about 2 weeks ago and she mentioned she had an old student who needed a roommate and she thought we could be a good fit. A few questions later she promised to pass on my number.

Beth and I had lunch last Sunday and it went really well. Her apartment is in Lincoln Square, north and west of the loop, but it is large, she has great landlords, it is close to public transportation and, best of all, the rent would be almost half what I am currently paying. Tonight I went and looked at the apartment and neighborhood and Beth and I decided that it would be a go. I will be permanently relocating to 2505 W Gunnison June 1st, but possibly earlier if our landlord finds a new tenant for Sara's and my place. This has been a marvelous provision from the Lord and I am extremely grateful. I will post pictures as soon as they are available.

Third, I am in the midst of applying to English and Liberal Studies programs at various grad schools in the area. I am more hopeful this time around. I should find out mid-spring if I have been accepted with the intention to start in the Fall. In the event that I will be in grad school in the fall, I will be looking for full-time administrative work instead of teaching. This will allow me to get benefits and regular hours in a less stressful environment. Thankfully, most of the programs that I have applied to have afternoon/evening classes because they expect that most of their students work while pursuing graduate study.

Finally, I have accepted the position of leader of the Welcome Team at my church. It is a great fit with my personality and gifts and I am excited at the possibilities. It also involves quite a bit of organizing, as well as being warm and cheerful. I am enjoying the opportunity to help build my community. Cityview is a wonderful church and I love being involved with them. Being part of an urban church plant has its ups, downs, and interesting situations but I couldn't ask for a better church family. The Lord has been so gracious to me it just blows my mind!