02 February 2008

A few important things

First, I am feeling like a total idiot. I just realized that I never posted the fabulous New Year's News of 1620 S Michigan: Sara and Jud are engaged! They are planning a small family wedding on Tybee Island, Ga for the second weekend in April. I will be her sole attendant. It will be the 7th time I have stood up in a wedding, but my first time as the maid of honor. Sara will be wearing this dress and I will be wearing this dress in the brown pictured. (Sorry I couldn't just drop in the images.) I will do my best to get some real pictures up here when the time comes. My friend Ewa from church will be flying down with his wife to take the pictures. You can see some of his work on his website. I personally think he is amazing.

Second, this changing of relationships necessitated that I find a new place to live. I love our apartment here in the south loop and it has been a great place for Sara and I to make a home, but even with a new roommate it is just too expensive. I was praying hard for a good situation, since who you live with can make or break your desire to go home. Enter my friend Dr. Rosie de Rosset of Moody Bible Institute. We had dinner about 2 weeks ago and she mentioned she had an old student who needed a roommate and she thought we could be a good fit. A few questions later she promised to pass on my number.

Beth and I had lunch last Sunday and it went really well. Her apartment is in Lincoln Square, north and west of the loop, but it is large, she has great landlords, it is close to public transportation and, best of all, the rent would be almost half what I am currently paying. Tonight I went and looked at the apartment and neighborhood and Beth and I decided that it would be a go. I will be permanently relocating to 2505 W Gunnison June 1st, but possibly earlier if our landlord finds a new tenant for Sara's and my place. This has been a marvelous provision from the Lord and I am extremely grateful. I will post pictures as soon as they are available.

Third, I am in the midst of applying to English and Liberal Studies programs at various grad schools in the area. I am more hopeful this time around. I should find out mid-spring if I have been accepted with the intention to start in the Fall. In the event that I will be in grad school in the fall, I will be looking for full-time administrative work instead of teaching. This will allow me to get benefits and regular hours in a less stressful environment. Thankfully, most of the programs that I have applied to have afternoon/evening classes because they expect that most of their students work while pursuing graduate study.

Finally, I have accepted the position of leader of the Welcome Team at my church. It is a great fit with my personality and gifts and I am excited at the possibilities. It also involves quite a bit of organizing, as well as being warm and cheerful. I am enjoying the opportunity to help build my community. Cityview is a wonderful church and I love being involved with them. Being part of an urban church plant has its ups, downs, and interesting situations but I couldn't ask for a better church family. The Lord has been so gracious to me it just blows my mind!


TulipGirl said...

What a wonderful update! I'm so glad the Lord has provided for you a church home, an apartment home, and I know as time continues, a home for your skills and learning and working.

Love the details on the dresses--especially the beading on yours.

And related to urban church. . . Do you have an mp3 player? For your walks and times on public transportation, you ought to get one if you don't. . . The Covenant Worldwide series on "God's World Mission" is fabulous."

TulipGirl said...

Btw, you've been tagged if you want to play!

Anonymous said...

I love the dresses--especially yours! Gen

agingrich said...

Thanks for the update!