17 May 2007

Notes from an Interview

Well, here I am with nothing to write on, a job interview that I am insanely early for, no umbrella and it looks like rain. Needless to say, I am nervous. This should be a piece of cake… I have no fear of teaching and what they are asking for is simple. But my perfectionism wants to jump in a point out my weaknesses, the temptation is to look on the worst case scenario (no job and the necessity of returning to Springfield for the rest of the month), and my stomach is churning.

This is the week for new experiences. I am moving into a Chicago apartment for the first time and for the first time I have ALL of my junk with me. I don’t remember the apartment being this small when we looked at it. Where am I going to put everything? I will have to purge ruthlessly and that is nerve-wracking and a lot of work. Not to mention that there is still some stuff in the car that needs to be unloaded and a pile of things at the GPs that still has to be brought up here. Aaack!

Okay, I have calmed down a little. It isn’t as bad as it seems. Sara has organized things to a wonderful degree. I can sleep in her room until I get mine serviceable and the bathroom is amazing! My shower curtain looks tacky, but at least we have one, and that is better than nothing. The tub is enormous and I can comfortably stretch out in it, so I foresee many relaxing baths in my future.

Aside from moving, which should be old hat by now, even if it is to an entirely new location, there are other new experiences. There is my interview, which will be over quicker than I expect, and Thursday I am meeting an attorney for coffee. An attorney that is interested in me as a possible romantic interest.

PS I got the job, and amidst technical difficulties galore, it is going well.

09 May 2007

A brief update

Just a brief note for all my "many" readers: Sara and I signed a lease on Monday on a smallish two-bedroom apartment in the South Loop area on Michigan Ave. We love the place, and it satisifies many of our desires for a place to live in the city. We are very convenient to public transportation and the space is what we wanted. Sara is overseeing the move of all our stuff in storage on Friday, and I will go up on Saturday and bring some of our things from Springfield. My job continues on for at least another 2 weeks, but if I can get a job in the city, I will head up there soon after that. Sara found a job that started this week and things roll on there way. More pictures and a longer update next week!