08 June 2010

another thought for the apartment

If you are on Facebook you probably have already seen the pics of the updated apartment. Yippee! We are loving the new colors! However, we have also entered the season of much sun light and the dining room and kitchen can't get overwhelmingly hot with the west facing windows uncovered. I found a very simple tutorial online for Un-Curtains that I think might work. Will have to ask Sara about it....

photo courtesy of Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio

04 June 2010

Spring to the Finish round-up

This was a productive time for me! We got our apartment painted on Saturday (pics to follow as soon as we take some!) The colors are gorgeous and we are very pleased all around.

Also dropped one of the projects--the green curtains. They were for the main room, but after we painted it turquoise and I didn't like the green fabric along side the paint, so they were tossed.

Also managed to sew 2 skirts for Sara and 1 reversible skirt for me. The projects, the projects!

Will try to post more pics this weekend or next week.

Thank you for your encouragement! Total UFOs: 14 Total finished: 6--including painting 3 rooms. Not bad if I may say so myself.