13 February 2008

Less than 10 minutes....

The timer is counting down and when it goes off I will officially be out of computer time until I do something more creative or more profitable. So I wanted to make a quick post to tell you, more is coming! I took pictures this past weekend when Katka was down so their are some of me and her as well as some of the ice art on display in Millennium Park.

In addition, I do want to get up another book list/review, as I have read a bit since the last book post.

Finally, I want to point you in the direction of Sara and Jud's new blog. Check it out, you may get a laugh.

I am so glad it is Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

You are defintely allocating time efficiently! Looking forward seeing the pictures! :-) Katka

TulipGirl said...

Hooray! Book list and book review time!