21 February 2008

The twists of life

So, after months, even years, of posting my thoughts online, today I wondered if it was a good idea. In a fit of... stupidity? innanity? thoughtlessness? I blurted out the name of my blog at work. Not really a big deal, but it made me think again about all that I have posted and I wondered what would happen. One of my co-workers decided to check it out and that resulted in a brief conversation about my church habits. I knew he was not religious, but I hadn't realized that my own spiritual position did not really come up at work.

I remember when a friend of mine went through the same struggle. She had used her blog sort of as a mind dump and then people who were not very intimate with her life started reading it. There was the angst of being "found out." Confusion over what the blog should actually be about. Concerns about whether or not she should self-censor to avoid misunderstandings or awkward revelations. Nothing that serious here, but it was thought-provoking anyway.

Aside from the mild embaressment motivated by my lack of online intellectual depth, there really is no reason to change. Although I am very faulty in the implementation of this, I always try to be the same person in whatever circumstance I find myself in. I suppose this is a good test. Will the Rebecca of daily life in Chicago claim the Rebecca of The Domestic Intellectual?

Totally speaking of pizza, when my co-worker was looking at my blog I realized the dearth of pics of me. This I vow to rectify this year. I just have to remember to bring my camera out when life is happening.

PS: I wrote two poems yesterday and I may try to edit some of my (more) recent writing and get it out here. I really haven't put much out here in the past few months.

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TulipGirl said...

It was a footnote in an article by a mother I respect that has led me to not put connect my blog with my boys' names or our family names directly. (Though, those who are really intent to know can find it, and related to our past mission work it was quite well-known who we were in spite of putting our names on my blog directly.) I just want to add a little protection to my children's future privacy.

I stand by what I say online, and therefore use the same username when blogging and commenting upon blogs. Still. . . I don't always tell people I know about my online life. *L*