10 February 2009

Good computer news!

Thanks be to God! My computer did not crash as originally believed. Rather, my ipod had interfered with the boot-up and it was only temporary. When the possibility was brought to my attention, I shut it down, started it up and all was well. I still need to upgrade my RAM and add an external hard drive, but I don't have any need to fear for the moment. Now if only I could remember to save toward a new computer so I am not taken by surprise when it finally does kick the bucket.


~the gambill ladies~ said...

Wow, what a relief for you! It was good to see you Sat. If only briefly. :) May you have a blessed girls week-end!

carissa said...

i just wanted to tell you - i loved what you commented on 22 Words. i should totally plan days on my schedule to be "busy." :]

TulipGirl said...

Sooooo. . . this means more posts and photos, right? *eg*