03 November 2007

A new book, with more on the way

As I rapidly approach my 29th birthday, I wanted to post briefly about a book that I just finished: Revelations of a Single Woman, loving the life i didn't expect by Connally Gilliam. First of all, this is the best book, hands down, that I have read about being single and over 25. Gilliam repeatedly talks about "unintentional singleness," a distinction that I think is very important. She is not addressing people who are choosing to forgo marriage and family for career or personal reasons. Her writing is for those who long to be married but still find themselves single. She herself is in her mid to late-thirties with many friends and acquaintances in similar situations. Her writing is accessible to Christians and non-Christians alike, although she does not mince words when she talks about ultimate fulfillment in Christ.

In the next few days (maybe weeks?) I am going to go through chapter by chapter with some commentary and analysis. I think the discipline is good for me, and it will help me to digest more effectively what I have read. Today I just wanted to let you know that book exists and to HEARTILY recommend it to anyone who is unintentionally single (men could benefit from this book as well, I believe) or who has a daughter (or son) who is in this place in life. I am going to pass my copy on to my parents when they come and visit next week. If you do read it, or someone you know has or is reading it, please point them to this blog. I would welcome their voices in the conversation.

Now I must return to my sewing or I won't have my rent for next month:-)


Miriam said...

The book looks really good. Many of the books for or about singleness out there are either directed toward teens or written with the idea that the proper way for a girl to live before marriage (no matter the age) is to stay at home. As a working engineer, I've really wanted to talk with or read books written from the perspective in life where I am. Thanks for writing about the book - I will look forward to reading your reviews (and in fact I just ordered a copy of the book for myself!).

TulipGirl said...

Sewing for rent?

The Domestic Intellectual said...

Yeah, sewing for rent:-) It is easier to do odd jobs for specific bills... Although, I may switch it and use my inadequate paycheck for rent, and sew to pay the phone bill and credit card bill:-)