22 July 2008

Life likes to run away from me

Well, after so much time with no social life, no job and not much to do I am now enjoying getting to know a delightful physicist, working full-time in a challenging non-profit, and have had such a busy social whirl that I am running on a semi-constant state of sleep deprivation. Life is good.

There has been so much to thank God for recently.
  • The ability to even have thoughts of gratitude for instance. Anxiety has definitely been higher on the mental to-do list than that.
  • Renewed intimacy with God and an insatiable desire for more.
  • The sharpening that comes from interacting with other strong Christians.
  • Dynamic conversation that blows my mind.
  • Longer walks than I've had in a long time.
  • The opportunity to purchase really cute girl shoes.
  • Adventures in moving a stove for my best friend. Go Girl Power!
In all honesty, I can't think of a time in the last few years when it has felt like life is both insanely good, and when I've had to dig so deep into Christ just to know how to think. I am not sure how to take it all. I covet your prayers....


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Hey! I was thinking of you this morning and was going to write to find out where you'd been! I'm glad all is going well! Gen