04 August 2008

Cool stuff: my version

Was wandering around the blogs I like to frequent and came across this post from Random Musings. I always enjoy what she has to say, and her name is Rebecca, so she must be cool ;-) It seems like I wrote just yesterday and it has already been almost 2 weeks... YIKES!

Cool stuff:
  • Thunderstorms that crash so loudly they make me jump... even if I have my earphones in.
  • Changing the hem on $0.80 pants from the thrift store and having cute office wear.
  • A best friend who will sit and listen to me verbally process my relational experience without yawning once.
  • Thumb-wrestling with an extremely intelligent man and considering it just as fun as deep conversation.
  • The fragrance of clothes fresh from the clothesline.
  • Anything that combines mushrooms, spinach and good cheese.
  • Standing in front of A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat with someone who has never seen it before.
  • Living over a year without a car.
  • Working with interesting people at a job that really only requires 35 hrs a week from me and still pays me a livable wage.
There is always more that could be added. I am hoping to have a book list/review post in a few days. Just finished Chesterton's Orthodoxy and am in the midst of Till We Have Built Jerusalem by Philip Bess.... an interesting collection of essays on New Urbanism and its ties to the sacred. So much to think about (and write about)-- so little time!


Randy Greenwald said...

Had you been with my wife and I during our recent Chicago visit, you could have enjoyed cool thing #7 with us. That is a painting that has to be taken in as a whole and in person. We went on Thursday night when the museum was free. It was crowded, but definitely a treat. Anyway, we found the experience cool!

The Domestic Intellectual said...

It is a beautiful thing to introduce people to a favorite piece of artwork... sorry I missed your introduction... maybe next time you are in the city I could make some new ones. Have you every met the "Sorrowful Madonna"? It is a 14th century painting and it rips my heart out every time I see it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the clothes off the clothesline and food made with mushrooms, spinach and good cheese (I just bought some pizzas with those exact ingredients--but I don't think you'd call it GOOD cheese. :-)) Gen