11 December 2008

The ring

This is the ring. Jon picked it out all by himself, although I had tried it on the day before. I told him that I wanted him to choose it, and that I didn't like diamonds. When I saw it I protested that it was too big, but he informed me that I would get used to it... and I have;-) It is a roughly 9 ct amethyst surrounded by a total of 37 teeny-tiny diamonds set in 14kt white gold. Oh, AND he got it 1/2 price! Totally cool!

We have not yet figured out the wedding band thing, but I am thinking I'll go with a plain, rather narrow white gold band because nothing is really going to fit with it.


Miriam said...

Congratulations! I got engaged last and married this year and feel like we've walked through singleness and now engagment together (though I don't know you!) I wish you both the best!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Gen