19 October 2011

Vacancy.com Scholarship Post-- My ideal apartment in my ideal city

(balcony view from Arena Crossings)

Looking forward to the next step in my education (a little ways off yet, but still worth considering) I've been plotting and investigating PhD opportunities. Ohio State University has an amazing program that is HIGH on my list of possible landing places. That means looking at the housing market in Columbus, OH and seeing what's there.

Arena Crossing--a property in the heart of Columbus--offers several irresistible features: generously sized layouts in modern buildings, balconies for personal outside space, security, 24-hr service, proximity to the downtown amenities, and a price that seems quite reasonable to my Chicago-jaded eyes. The most important factor in my search was commut-ability to the Ohio State campus without a car. The property's location near High St public transportation and only 2 miles from the main campus means that I can get to and from school without having to rely on car transportation every day. The only thing that would make it more perfect was if there was more green space in the immediate area. I know that is hard to come by in an urban setting, but it is something that is close to my heart.

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