14 December 2007

The Literary Study Bible

Some of you know that I am looking for a new Bible. I have had my last one for almost 10 years and it is starting to wear out. I've already replaced the cover once:-) So, in my pursuit of a new Bible I have been looking at different ESV versions. My current daily Bible is NAS and I have treasured that translation very much over the years. However, reading and rereading the same text can lend itself to only a surface view. Changing versions tends to give me a chance to dig deeper again. I was considering a "serious" Bible: full-grain leather cover, in-depth commentary, etc. After all, I am an adult and ready for the responsibility of a Bible that will last me a lifetime. Then I stumbled across the Literary Study Bible at Westminster Books. As an English major who loves digging deep into literature the idea intrigued me. What do you think? (BTW, Westminster Books is having a sale on their Bibles--45% off for Christmas. Thanks to Irish Calvinist blog for letting me know about this one.)


Mark said...

Hi! Mark from Westminster Bookstore here.

Just for clarities sake, the new 45% discount off all ESV Bibles is not a "sale," but is our new regular low price. Also, we have a downloadable sample of the Lit Study Bible on its product page at our site, so you can see if it meets your expectations.


The Domestic Intellectual said...

Thanks for the clarification!