06 May 2008

Accidental Poem

This one came up in an IM today at work. This is what happens when you IM with your coworker while he is sitting next to you in class.

sorry... can't help it
at least I don't screech
my sleep deprived brain can't handle Indigo being smart
its just too much
It is like Jonatan being a good ole boy
overloads the synapses

A little background: Indigo regularly laughs and talks so loudly in class that she disrupts everything. The other instructor reprimands her regularly. So I laughed at a face another instructor made and Indigo informed me, very properly, that I was being too loud. It was too much, coming from her, so I just busted out again. Then my acerbic co-worker IM'd that my laugh was as bad as Indigo's singing, etc. Then the above poem happened. Oh, and Jonatan is one of my very sly 9th graders that will look me in the eye and insist that he is working hard when I just saw him playing cards with another student.... Then today he shakes my hand as if there was never a conflict betwixt us regarding his work or any other possible issues. Just too much!

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pgepps said...

Hey, there! I just found your comment on the poems on my blog. I'm re-orienting my blog involvements: Conservative Intellectual guest blogging gets my polemical stuff; poetry, quotations, aphorisms, and ruminations will mostly go to blog.inkanblot.com; and Comment Me No Comments will probably be mostly links and videos, with light comments, for the foreseeable future.

Hope the DePaul process goes well. I just got word Wheaton's looking for someone come Fall '09, so that's pretty exciting. I'm going to go prep my materials, now. :-)