05 November 2008

Poem #4--soapbox poem

My family will inform you that I am rapid and agile in my climbs onto the soapbox. But for some reason these poems just are not coming very rapidly or agilely to my mind... So, poem #4's prompt, to write a soap box poem, is causing me a little consternation. Here is my attempt:

Imperfections are beautiful
try to look past the lack of supermodel
proportions or MENSA-like
intellectual prowess
self-discipline of the ascetic
or even the NFL athlete

Throw out caution with the next
bag of kitchen trash
embrace the hedonism of unlimited
X-Box gaming and Wii tossing and
there are no more new leaves to
finger or resolutions to make

Embrace a self-love that asks
not what you can do for anyone or
anything else, but only what you can
do for the perpetually straining ego
that gets bogged down in flaw-hunting
or ever growing self-improvement

But remember,

is not grace.

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