11 June 2009

Where I've been

It has been some time since I last posted. There are several reasons that sound more like excuses, but there is one that I want to put out here in earnest.

As many of you who love me know, I can be a bit compulsive. Well, at the conviction of the Holy Spirit and a medical evaluation that said I was under too much stress I've decided to be ruthless in editing things out of my life that cause stress, exacerbate my stressed-out feelings or cause me to waste my already limited time. The internet was keeping me from most of my other hobbies and from reading... as well as frequently keeping me from sleeping! Therefore, the decision was made to NOT have internet access at the new apartment and to limit my time online at work.

Jon may be getting internet access at his apartment in the next month or two to enable him to work more from home. In the event that he chooses to do that, I may have more access when we get together, since our apartments are now just down the road from each other.

However, all told, I am not sure that I will be updating this blog much. I don't want to quit it completely, but I have been writing more in my journal and spending more time reading and talking with my immediate friends and family. It really doesn't leave a lot of time for online communication... even email and facebook.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Randy Greenwald said...

Great wisdom there, R. I respect this.