17 November 2011

Pantoum of a Single Woman

I've been writing poetry as my weekly class assignments for my Forms of Poetry class this semester but much of it is not really worth sharing.  However, this past weekend I wrote a pantoum that I and my professor (and my classmates, I think) really enjoyed.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Btw, a pantoum is a form written in 4 line stanzas where the 2nd and 4th lines are repeated in the following stanza as lines 1 and 3.  It creates a rhythmic repetition that works for a variety of topics and styles, but seems to work particularly well with this one.

Pantoum of a Single Woman

I borrow babies, boys and girls,
their parents think I’m generous.
I’m only thinking of myself--
how can I sate this empty womb?

They think I’m generous and kind;
I give them several hours away.
To sate my empty womb takes time,
“Just dinner and a movie?” “Great.”

Those extra hours away, sweet bliss,
a tired couple’s desperate dream.
No chicken strips or dumb cartoons,
real conversation, what a treat.

Every tired couple’s dream
an evening free of dirty diapers;
uninterrupted conversation
like stolen sweet, forbidden fruit.

“Have an evening free of diapers.”
I am just thinking of myself,
holding them--forbidden fruit--
“I’ll borrow your babies any time.”

1 comment:

KaChang said...

i don't like poetry...but wow. this one is funny, yet sad, and all the same time just fully intriguing.