01 March 2007

A bit of a reprieve from waiting...

Today I heard from Northwestern University. I have not been accepted into their PhD program. I am not surprised.... They only make offers to 12% of their applicants and I didn't have perfect grades or a perfect GRE score. And I am not too disappointed.... That was not my first choice and my roommate was pretty adamant about not living in Evanston. So, that leaves Loyola, UIC, U of C and Baylor. We will have to see how this unfolds.

In the meantime, I received my first paycheck today. Not a ton of money, but I get paid weekly and I was able to make a payment on my VISA and still have money left over to tithe and save for Chicago. I don't know when I will actually have some disposable income again, but it is nice to at least have some money coming in.

The lovely Sara is ready to go, so this post must draw to an end. Now I am just waiting to hear from the rest of the schools, to save money to move, to find an apartment, to get a wonderful husband, to live happily ever after with some cute and overly-energetic children, and finally get to Africa..... not as much waiting as it could be;-)

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