28 February 2007

Some more on the domestic side of life

Tonight I made green curry for dinner. I LOVE green curry! I ate bowls full when I was in Thailand and I missed it excessively when I came home. Most restaurants don't serve it and I hadn't found a recipe for it. Then I discovered the joys of curry paste. It really is marvelous stuff. A can of coconut milk, a can of chicken broth, a few spoonfuls of curry paste, some salt, brown sugar and various veggies (bamboo shoots, pea pods, water-chestnuts and fresh basil) and meat (chicken breast) if you want it--heat till everything is cooked through and serve over rice. It couldn't be easier and it was FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, we didn't do any palate conditioning, and it was a bit too hot for the dear grandmother. After dinner we put another pot of rice in the rice cooker and Sara and I are set for the next two lunches at work. I love leftovers! They make life so beautiful.

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You know I've a weakness for Thai food. . .