14 February 2007

Waiting, in a different vein

Today I woke up in a hotel room in Bloomington IL 45 miles from home because waiting is a lesson that I seem to never really learn. Sara and I had driven 9 hours to cover distance normally done in 3, because driving slowly through a blizzard seemed like a better idea than waiting out the snow in Waukegan.

God works in wonderful ways! It is unfortunate that I am so slow to listen to him:-)

We had a slight mishap on the road ending in the ditch. All things personal and mechanical were fine and the adrenaline rush was incredible. The State Police arrived in record time and both officers were young, good-looking and friendly. The hotel had free wireless and my parents' were not at all upset. You couldn't ask for better circumstances to be stranded.

Even when I had everything that I wanted, minus my own bed and shower, right at my fingertips, I still wanted more. I wanted more people to email me. I wanted certain conversations to happen more quickly and with more quality responses. I wanted something to eat and something to drink that would satisfy my particular appetites of the moment.

Waiting... I want to know the joy of satisfaction that accepts the gifts of the moment yet still lives in anticipation of the future. How can I find that balance? Any suggestions?

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Laura said...

I want that same kind of acceptance and joy in the waiting... Being happy that things are taking their time because it is right for me at this moment. I'm just awful with impatience sometimes, in matters of wanting to be in a relationship, etc. I can wait calmly and patiently for an elderly lady crossing the street while I am in the car, and roll my eyes at the impatient guy behind me honking his horn, but when it comes to love and relationships.... oh... it feels like it has been too long.
I guess, in the meantime, the little crushes on this and that person, and the good relationship I have with other writers and friends... this indeed satisfies me more than anyone (sometimes even myself) will know!
... did I digress? I think I did!