16 February 2007

Now for some of the domestic side of life...

Life has become exceedingly more domestic in the last few weeks. Traveling back home to both my parents' and Sara's parents' homes meant things like cooking, cleaning, and laundry again. You will not believe how joyfully I greeted all of the above! I have decided that one of the top 3 things that I am thankful for is having a kitchen! You don't know how much you love it until it is gone.

So Sara and I are at the GPs and are taking responsibility for the main meal of the day. We get to cook again AND we have appreciative eaters. You can't ask for a better arrangement. But, we have to have meals done in under an hour, because we manage to get home later and later everyday. Once we start working full time, there will be a need for even more planning. The good part is, the GPs haven't eaten any of Sara's or my cooking recently, so it is all new. In addition, Sara and I both haven't cooked regularly since the summer, so we are still rarin' to go.

Now begins the hunt for good recipes. I am thinking of picking up a Rachel Ray cookbook at the library and see what I can find. I am also reading some cookbooks on cooking ahead and cooking healthily, both continual concerns;-)

Now, off to more job hunting, getting a new license, and hopefully, making a menu!

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TulipGrrl said...

Check out my computer cookbook for some ideas to add to your menu planning. Most are quick-n-easy, and all can be modified for healthfulness. I post on my blog the ones I like to have for quick reference. I especially think your G-parents would like Carin's Almond Chicken:

Computer Cookbook