01 February 2007

Moving Day!

Today Sara and I packed all our worldly goods (that were in KY) into a 16' Budget rental truck, hooked the car hauler on the back and prepared to set out for Chicago tomorrow morning. It is amazing to think that my 3 years at Berea are ended and that this is no longer my home. So much of me was invested here and still is in many of the people and places. I have been trying to process the relocation since the end of finals in December and much of the emotion has ebbed for the moment. It is exciting to look for apartments, jobs and a church. It is exciting to have the future open in front of you.

The sadness is tempered by the joy of meeting new people and jump-starting old relationships. The open unknown is less fearful because I have Sara, and we have pieces of security--relationships, familiar places, and the conviction that we are going the right direction--that removes a lot of the pain and anxiety.

There is so much more to write about, but let it suffice to say that getting on the road to the north is the best next step that I can think of and I am so glad that my God and my best-friend Sara are on the road with me!

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