01 February 2007

Interesting ideas

I know that I just posted, but I read something that really struck a cord with me. Boundless webzine had an article on Nancy Pelosi and her rise to Speaker of the House that contained this powerful little tidbit:

The reason, simply, is that God made us to live our lives mainly on a small scale. We spend most of our time relating to our families, our friends and neighbors, our co-workers, our churchmates. And that's where our achievements lie — if we regard them as "achievements" at all. (A better attitude would be reflected by words like service, and a still better attitude if we remember that service is something to regard with joy.)

Regrettably, some people have their priorities messed up. Nancy Pelosi may think "from the kitchen to the Congress" is a big promotion, but in truth, what she did in the kitchen was probably more valuable than what anyone (not just her) does in Congress. And that's not because women should be confined to the kitchen, but simply because it was one of many valuable things people do close to home, with their families, where real life takes place.

There are more thought provoking ideas in the article, which you can find in full here.

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Laura said...

That's an interesting article tidbit. Even though it says it is not saying "women should stay at home in the kitchen," it still seems to say that. I think the author's larger argument is that people are not paying attention to their immediate and close-by relationships in family, friends, work comrades, and community. Like it pointed out, many people completely ignore the achievements of making a connection with another person, fostering and building friendships or just being someone reliable in the community, someone who folks know they can call upon.

Yep. :)