25 February 2007

I'm a poet!

Berea College's juried yearly publication, The Carillon, selected two of my poems for publication in the 2007 edition. This is TOTALLY exciting because it really does validate my somewhat tenuous claim to being a writer. For those of you who are interested, I am posting the poems here. If The Carillon goes online, I will eventually post the link as well. The Carillon will be published in a glossy 8x10 sometime this spring....!

On a bus: the south side of Chicago

Real fear. That is what moves me

to address a stranger on the bus.

Real, not affected, not artificial,

with a forced address.

Fear. Not friendliness, not

interest, not even curiosity.

Our difference is consuming

Understanding? Impossible.

I need to hear her speak

about family, about work

I need to hear the sameness.

Sameness in our difference.

If you can believe me you know

conversation is the mask of fear.

The woman on the bus, kerchief drooping

cracked shoes tapping the floor

fears my strangeness as I fear hers—

so I ask if she lives nearby.

She mentions her dog, waiting

impatient at the door, her grandson

who forgets him for basketball.

I speak of catching buses in the rain

standing at the stop far from family.

She belongs; I am foreign

she is returning, I am setting out.

If we could rid ourselves for one

moment of assigned roles and

boundaries. The hard plastic seats

could disappear and maybe we

would forget our fear and

our strangeness.

Maybe, we could talk.

My grandparents

the children see

grey heads remember

youth forgets

love belongs to those

who know

not those who think

quietly walking

side by side

is greater passion

than all night romps

on satin sheets

of those who think

but do not know

hear what love is

but children see

grey heads remember

and youth forgets

(Sorry for the funky formatting... couldn't get it to single space.)


gomogo said...

of course you are a writer
as you are a thinker
compelled by caring to sharing
and for that we are enriched.

with thanks, maureen

Amy said...

Hey Rebecca,

I have so been thinking about starting a blog myself, then life happens and I wonder " When would I ever be able to write ?" Who knows, maybe someday! :) I am enjoying your blog! Maybe I can keep up better now with what is going on in your life. Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

Love you,

Amy said...

P.S. I forgot to mention, can you believe it's been 7 years today that D & I have been married ? Time flies and yet seems to stand still, too. In some ways I feel as though it's only been a few months, but our connection with each other makes it seem as if we have known each other forever. Though I didn't have to wait quite as long as you, I do know that it is worth the waiting and you will be able to appreciate it all the more!


Laura said...

Yay! You and I will be published in the same publication! Isn't that just rad?! :)
My "The Day Dad Died" was chosen. A very sad, methodical, yet contemplative-in-silence kind of poem.
I can't wait for the copies to be printed. Are they mailing you your copy?