05 April 2007

It has been a while since I last posted....

30 March 07

When it rains it pours…. Quite literally, really. It was pouring down on my way to Hopkinsville today and driving on the highway in a deluge is not exactly my idea of a fun time. But this is just one small cloudburst compared to the rest of life. I can't really complain... Compared to some of my friends, I just have a few minor troubles. However, they always seem bigger to me and there are times that I am convinced that Rebecca Wells's quote from "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" could be easily translated for the present: "There is the truth of history and there is the truth of what a person remembers." In application to my life it might read: There is the truth of one's situation and there is the truth of what one sees.

I spent part of the last two days following up on my last two applications for grad school: Loyola and UIC. I had expected a response earlier, so I thought some follow up would be in line. Just heard today from UIC--they sent their response letters out late this year, but, oh yeah, I was NOT accepted. When it came to Loyola, I got an email from the graduate school application coordinator stating that they had not yet received my GRE scores. After working out that little catastrophe, I found that they are now looking at my application. It was put on the bottom of the pile as incomplete because I did not have the GRE English subject exam, although I included a letter explaining the absence. Oy Vey! This is so complicated!

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