21 April 2007

Thinking and Reading

I have been reading a very interesting book lately called "Making Peace with a Dangerous God: Wrestling with What We Don't Understand" by Linda Clare and Kristen Johnson Ingram. It really is thought-provoking and I recommend it to anyone. Linda and Kris take a dialog approach to their questions about God from a position of faith and belief. I particularly identified with Kris in her wildness and passion. There was one piece in particular, titled Balancing Act, that really has gotten me thinking about how I structure my life in relation to my relationship with God. I need to do more thinking and writing, but I feel drawn back to a passionate, less controlled life... Recently passion has been absent and control more prevalent than I feel is good for me.

This reading came close on the heels of Blue Like Jazz, a book which did not live up to the incredible recommendations and reviews that were passed my way. Miller had some interesting observations, but I struggled to accept his voice, it grated on me and the nuggets seemed to be hidden in a great deal of narcissism. That said, I am very interested in the emergent church movement and what it means for church-goers and Christians in my generation..... More on that later, when I have more time:-)


April said...

My friends and I are starting an online book club (through our blogs) and we are reading the book "A Generous Orthodoxy" by Brian McLaren. It's directly connected with the emerging church movement. We have just started the book and will be beginning conversation on May 1st. Feel free to join in if you are interested. My friend Jasie (the first link on my friends list) is the one hosting the group. I will be posting some on my blog as well, and I have no idea how many other people will be joining in. I'm interested in checking out the book you mentioned. I did really like Blue Like Jazz though.. :) of course we all appreciate things for different reasons I suppose.
Happy Monday!

TulipGrrl said...

Just checking in on ya. . . seeing how things are going. Any news about your move to the city?

Momma Amy said...

I miss you! What's happening with you and Sarah ?

Love You!