05 April 2007

The most recent update

Tuesday Sara and I began our apartment hunt. We found an interesting prospect in an interesting neighborhood, but I don’t think the agent thought we were serious. When I called her back for specifics and asked to see the property again Wednesday, she suddenly became much more helpful. I didn’t know that we would take the apartment, but it has everything that we said we wanted: small bedrooms, large shared living space, large windows, interesting neighborhood, room for a studio/office, close to public transportation, and rent that is mostly within our range. Next step was to see how the utilities ran and if the space really was adequate for our needs. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately?), the place rented yesterday and we are left to look again.

In this whole process I struggle more than Sara in making the decision. Rent is a big obligation and I don’t want to make any hasty choices. I would like to see more properties, but in the end, I know it is highly likely that we will take something that we saw early in our search. That is how it usually goes:-P

Yesterday I am met with Dr. Pamela Caughie, head of the Loyola English Graduate Studies Department. It didn't result in any better chance of getting in, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity, since we stayed less than .5 miles from the Loyola campus with our friend Dr. Rosie de Rosset. Rosie has been a fabulous blessing to us and there is no way to ever truly thank her for her hospitality and encouragement. Still single at 58, she is a testament to hope and dealing gracefully with the realities of life. She makes life-long singleness seem possible when it is everything that I can do to make it through another day!

But, another word about Loyola--as of now I am not accepted and even a recommendation from the English graduate studies department would only result in a possible chance at the waiting list. So, no grad school for me this year:-( I am not sure exactly what that means.... God must know something that I do not.


Amy said...


I'm sorry that things haven't worked out as you originally planned. I'm curious to see what God has in store for you now. Will you stay in Springfield or head to Chicago ? Em and I are planning on coming up to Springfield on Wednesday of the week I will be in MO. I hope to call you soon to talk about the details, but if I don't at least you know when we are coming.

Love you, Amy

Stacey said...

Hey girl! April sent me a link to your blog. Good to see you are blogging! It's been a long time. Looking forward to reading your blog and catching up on what's going on in your life.

Momma Amy said...

I will be driving up to your area with all 4 kiddos on Wednesday. I will try to call from M&D's Tuesday night to finalize the plans. I hope things are going well for you.
Love you!