10 October 2007

It's My birthday (almost)

Hello dear ones… As many of you know, my birthday is fast approaching and Christmas is not far after. Because many of my friends and family are very loving, but still diffident gift-givers I thought I would post a little wishlist here. These are in no particular order and are obviously of varying degrees of expense. Consider this a source of inspiration…

Land’s End turtlenecks: Since I have returned to the land of winter, I need to update my wardrobe accordingly. These are reasonably priced, have a lifetime garuntee, and are cute. Preferred colors: Blackberry, Navy, Black, Ice Pink, White in size L.

Classic iPod: I have a large collection of music and must of it doesn’t get listened to since I am on public transportation most of the time. I am not a techie, so the 80GB model is more than satisfactory for me. Oh, and black goes with everything.

Black tennis shoes: Naturalizer has two styles of black tennis shoes that I like here and here. Sometimes I just need the comfort of tennis shoes, but they have to look a bit more professional than my white running shoes. Shoes always have to be in 10.5.

Comfortable dress shoes: Teaching requires a professional look, but walking to work and using public transportation means my shoes must also be comfortable. I like Naturalizers two looks that are here and here. Again, size 10.5.

Commentary on Galatians: This commentary has been recommended and I am looking for something to give a little depth to my Bible study time.

Winter Coat: I have a long wool coat for winter, but not something that is appropriate for in the car or on public transportation. The Gap has some really cute ones here, here and here. I am currently a size 16 which is an XL with them. My preference is for colors other than black.

Interesting new CDs:

  • David Crowder Band's Newest: This is their latest release and one that I am really looking forward to listening to. I am going to their concert here in Chicago with several friends from my church, since it falls so close to my birthday.
  • Chris Rice’s Newest: He has been on of may favorite singer/Songwriters for years and this is his newest project.

Interesting books:

Maybe this is a little excessive, but I wanted to give you some good ideas.

One last pipe dream wish: The KitchenAid Flour Power - 14 Cups Stand Mixer. It doesn't get any better than this... especially since it comes in Nickel Pearl.


TulipGirl said...

I *highly* recommend Dansko's over Naturalizer's. You can try them on at the Walking Store near the water tower. AND the Dansko outlet is right across the street from where Natalie K. works. (We have a deal--I call the outlet occasionally looking for the right size/style--and she'll pick it up and mail it to me!)

Oh, and if you don't have it yet, you MUST add Berkhof's Systematic Theology to your wishlist. It comes with a lovely lilac dust jacket, which lends a feminine air to such a substantial book on your shelf.

Momma Amy said...

Thanks for the ideas. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!

Dustin and Stacey said...

Hope you have a great birthday!!!

The Domestic Intellectual said...

Tulipgirl.... I do have one pair of Danskos already, and although they are great for standing in all day, I can't walk in them for very long in great comfort. The platforms don't have enough flex or something. But I definitely will check them out. Maybe another style would work better.

Berkhof's? I think someone else may have mentioned him to me.... I will have to add it to the list.

TulipGirl said...

What style do you have?

The Domestic Intellectual said...
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The Domestic Intellectual said...

I messed up my last comment, so here it is:-) The style I have is called Marcelle, a maryjane clog

TulipGirl said...

Hunh. That's the style I have and find it comfy for walking. Did you have it sized and fitted? Plenty of room for your toes and heel?

Still, just 'cause it works for me, doesn't mean it will for you. But still--I think you should treat yourself to a visit to The Walking Store to try on shoes and get sized and find shoes you really like--even if they just go on the wish list. . .