04 October 2007

On my mind

So, I am coming to see more and more that Sara is right. I am compulsive, obsessive and it is all in my head.

I started looking into Master's Degree programs in Chicago. People who love me or like me, know me well or have known me for a little while are all saying things like "Why not? Maybe you just needed to learn something by the first round of refusals. You are obviously good at this and have a heart for teaching." But graduate work in any form is still daunting and TIME CONSUMING. I will be 29 next month, no possibility of starting before I am 30 and then it is 5 yrs at best to a PhD. Ugh.

And I am teaching high schoolers and feeling the tug. There is such a huge need for teachers and I am good at it. Even my most problem students seem willing to work a lot of the time and I don't get too much back talk from them. But high schoolers are hormonal and difficult. And if I really want to teach full-time I should go for a MA in education with certification. There is slim chance I could slide into a full-time position at Perspectives if one opened up, it was a good fit, and they wanted to hire me. So even staying at the High School level may require a return to school.

The only good thing to come out of all of this: I am firmly convinced that teaching is where the Lord has called me, so it is just a matter of discerning where and how.

If only I could stop thinking about it.....


Momma Amy said...

I am so glad that you are feeling some clear leading. I can see you being a great teacher!

Love and Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Gen

TulipGirl said...

I can't imagine teaching high schoolers. And yet, what a need there is for teachers who both communicate care for the individual as well as light the fire for learning.