22 October 2007

Neighbor update

After the whole stink business I was minding my own business. (Thanks for the ideas, though). Then on Saturday night, around 11 I decided to go to bed. I had some music playing quietly to cover street noises, but when I lay down I FELT a baseline vibrating through my bedframe. I looked outside, but there wasn't any booming traffic. Ends up it was the lovely people in 619 having a party. Standing inside my door I could hear conversation and some of the melody line of the music. But I could still feel the music in my bedroom which is on the opposite side of the apartment from the door.

I do know that our condo association as strict noise policies, so after checking to make sure that is was coming from their apartment, I called and left a message with the building manager. A short time later I heard someone in the hall and it ends up it was the neighbors to our south, Don and Allison, who we are quite friendly with. They are both flight attendents, so we don't see a whole lot of them.

Don mentioned that the guys from 619 are very pesky to the neighbor directly across from them in 618. He also said that they have smelled pot when they walked into the building and have seen individuals from 619 smoking in the hall. He said he would call Jack (building manager) and complain as well. I am not sure that he did, but it was nice to know that I wasn't hallucinating or just being grumpy.

So we will see how it goes. Jack returned my call today, got a few details and said that the first step is that 619 will get a general letter stating that there have been complaints about noise. After that comes fines. That doesn't take into account the smells, but if it gets bad I am going to contact the owners.

Enough of that saga.... Hopefully I will post something more intelligent soon!

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