14 March 2008

More Graduate School News

I got a package yesterday with my acceptance into the English MA program at DePaul. I was extremely excited at the prospect until I figured out how much it would cost! The next step? Apply for a job at the college:-) I submitted my resume for a position as personal assistant to a professor in the DePaul Law School. He is looking for someone to plan travel and do admin work as well as a large contingent of prepping manuscripts for books and articles. I think it is a good fit for my skills. Working at DePaul would allow me to get a tuition waiver and THAT would be a huge help in paying for grad school.

I'll keep you updated on how things unfold.

1 comment:

TulipGirl said...

Sounds like a FAB job. *grin* Praying that the Lord continues to open *just* the right doors for you. . .