13 April 2008

Poem #11

This prompt is to write a poem about something overlooked or the fascinates you. Here is mine.


A philodendron so magnificent
It bears a name full of drama
And intrigue.

Ubiquitous house plant
The invincible slain
By the snowy north wind

Frozen in greatness you
Bled out your chlorophyll
On Gen’s kitchen linoleum

Resurrected by miracle grow
Loving care and a warm window
Your dormancy sprouted palely

Gracing the cupboard yet again
Beloved greenery with a history
Longer than mine

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's an honor being mentioned in your poem!! :-) That one was cute--made me chuckle! We'll be down by your folks the last week of this month with the Ashers. Wish we could see you, too! When do you move? Love ya, Gen