13 April 2008

Poem #9

Been in GA for Jud and Sara's wedding but now I have a few moments to catch you up on the poem-a-day adventure. This prompt was a fun one--write about a word. Many of you know that prestidigitator is one of my favorite words. Here is my poem:


Fast fingers flying past my
Bedazzled eyes and uncomprehending

Making the impossible probable
The improbable believable
The unbelievable commonplace

Presto, chango
What was is no more and what
Could be is lying in front of me

Ropes cut and join
Rings collapse into each other
Animals grow from latex

Digits of numberless skill
Pull roses from an old woman’s ear
Silk scarves from a baby’s smile

Prestidigitator agitating thought
Keeping truth at bay
Fast fingers hiding crying eyes

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