26 April 2008

Poem #26

No, you are not missing anything. I just got so far behind that I decided to jump to today's prompt and write backwards. That's what you get when you don't actually set aside a time each day to write your poem-of-the-day;-) But those who know me and love me realize that being random is just part of who I am. So, today's poem is supposed to be titled "I am so over _________". Here is my version.

I am so over teenagers

You look at me with jaded eyes
"Do we have to read more poetry?"
The whine is killing me.


Poetry today, and poetry tomorrow.
We will read it, write it, comment on it.
Alliteration animates all the asinine
verbiage the rappers throw at you.
Why can't you just try to enjoy a little
Dickinson or William Carlos Williams?

Your hormonally fired synapses
produce the most flagrant abuses
of language. But I accept the
beating if only you will listen
to the Beats or at least The Beatles.

But alas, you are in that most
narcissistic of ages and places.
Perhaps I am asking too much and
should just accept the occasional
gift: "That was hyperbole!"


TulipGirl said...

I *love* this one. . .

You have such the gift of the natural teacher in you, Rebecca. I remember Paris and the natural, directed lessons on art with the children. Now here you are with teenagers. . . I'm in a (horrid) early childhood education class (I needed the pell grant hours.) Oh, my. This class just stomps any spark of creativity and ingenuity and joy of learning at teacher may have. Totally agenda-driven, give-more-gov't-money driven. . .

The Domestic Intellectual said...

I hear you about the education classes. Hence my lack of a teaching certificate regardless of any innate or natural teaching ability:-) I do love teaching and I am hoping that the door will open some day in the future to teaching at the University level.

Hope your class ends soon and with the least amount of psyche damage;-)