04 April 2008

Poem #4

Well, this is definitely a good discipline, with the emphasis on discipline. Writing a poem everyday is far more work than I realized. Mostly because life interrupts and finding the time to write can be difficult. So, today's prompt is to write a thankful/tribute poem. I want to do something creative, so it may take more thought and effort than the earlier poems. And this one has to be better than that horrible haiku!

Mad Madam Mem

Mad Madam Mem

Marvelous in your

Wild uninhibited

Third-born baby way.

Voices bellowing from

Wide-open windows

Pedal to the metal

Hills and switchbacks

Rushing past us.

Laughing to tears

Stomach pains

Doubled-over in joy

At our sisterly, womanly

Bond of love.

1 comment:

Emily and Jason said...

That was awesome Bec! I loved it!