15 April 2008

Poem #15

Today's prompt was to write either an insult poem or one about taxes/deadlines. Neither seems very inspiring to me. Here is my best attempt:


O the glories of IRS

Forms with numbers this word

Worker can never recall!

Long before I owed I wished

Away all income—pining

For a land where money

Was no more important than paper

Instead, the computer keys

Keep clicking and the futile

Search for old returns

Plummets me yet again

To the depths of green Rubbermaids

When will the ceaseless toil

Find its reward in a fattened

Billfold or Ledger?

Only when assets are not greater

Than expenditures

When income and outflow

Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security

Have gorged themselves

Unless I can deduct for the bib

I gave Lucille and the wine

Donated to the writers’ circle

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