07 June 2007

The Apartment

Welcome to our lovely apartment!

Front Entryway
I have to apologize in advance that we are still unpacking and therefore nothing is in terribly good order.

The Hall
The door on the right goes into the bathroom and the curtain functions to keep noise from the living room from echoing down to the shared hallway. We are planning on making a more interesting curtain when there is both more time and more money:-)

The Bathroom
Not the greatest photo, but we have a FABULOUS bathroom! A huge Jacuzzi soaking tub, double sink and great tile. There is a door on the left, across from the toilet, that opens into my closet. We are planning on painting the bathroom red sometime in the next couple of months.

The Kitchen
This is truly the heart of our home and we LOVE it! Having lived for some time without our own kitchen, Sara and I covet this space. Not to mention that we have Gourmet line appliances, including 5 burner gas stove and a very roomy fridge.
The Living Room (in 3 parts)
There is not too much to say about this, aside from "please excuse our mess!" The kitchen and living room are all one big area and we appreciate the flexible space. We are still negotiating the position of the furniture and trying to decide what goes and what stays. But do notice the huge windows....that was my heart's desire.

The Porch
We like having some outside space, although now it seems to be functioning best as storage space for all our chairs:-) It is a rather sizable balcony and is delightful in the mornings and the evenings especially.
The East View
The South View

The North View
For all you dear people who have wondered why there are no pictures of my apartment anywhere, here they are. These are pics that Sara took to email her mother and aren't the most flattering to the lovely and delightful apartment:-) However, it will give you a better idea, and hopefully, encourage you to come and visit! Pics of the bedrooms are not available at the moment because they are both still under construction and it has been difficult to get any taken.

If you would like to see the outside of the building, click here. For our floorplan, click here. I am in the master bedroom, with the full wall of windows facing east, and Sara is in the second bedroom that is completely windowless. This suits our sleeping patterns VERY WELL!


Stacey said...

Wow! It's really cute!

My name is April. said...

Your apartment is very cute! I love this apartment stage in life. I love that there are so many really cool/creative units available. Looks like you are starting to get settled and that's always a good feeling!

TulipGrrl said...

LOVE the apartment. Love the view.

(And April, at this stage in our life, we are in suburbia, in a single family home--and very blessed by it. But we'd love to live in an apartment in the city, even with a houseful of boys!)