21 June 2007

Quick work update

Some of you have been unclear about what I am actually doing at work: I teach reading classes to students from pre-K to adult. These are not remedial classes, but for the junior high and high school students they are classes for students who do not like or enjoy reading. The main focus is on teaching students good reading skills, including phonics for the little kids, so that they can get totally absorbed in what they read and become life-long readers.

As you all know, I love to read, so this is an ideal job for me. I teach all over the Chicago area and even have a few classes in NW Indiana. I will continue working with IRD (The Institute for Reading Development) until mid-August and then I will go on to full-time work. Right now I am interviewing at Moody Bible Institute for a possible job there, and if that does not work out, I will have to see where God leads next.

Hope that helps some of you who had questions:-D

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