24 June 2007

You can tell it is Sunday...

because I have so much time to read all the blogs I haven't been able to get to and I want to share them ALL with you.

Recently I stumbled on a new blogger (new to me) via the true womanhood blog and she has a very interesting story about her journey to a new understanding of grace. What she has to say rings true with my heart, not so much because I share her journey but because the resulting joy and accompanying pain are very definitive of my life. She is writing from the perspective of the conservative homeschool movement and I strongly encourage you to read her entire series on her Fall to Grace, but if you can't, at least read this.

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TulipGrrl said...

I've "known" Rebecca for years through her writings. . . and only in recent years via direct contact. Rebecca's writings and common sense, and Kathy's nurturing (http://katiekind.wordpress.com/) have been very important in my life. They've been Titus 2-like, especially during the times when we were moving frequently.

(And Mike, who Rebecca keeps mentioning--is hilarious and wise.)

I'm not at exactly the same place Rebecca is--I'm still memorizing the Westminster Catechism--but do know that learning, growing. . .it's a process.