24 June 2007

More on my mind

Life has left me with a lot on my mind lately and little time to write. This, however, really needed to get out here, so I am taking a moment on this Sunday to finally write.

Many of you may or may not have heard of Paul Potts, the winner of the UK equivalent to American Idol, Britain's Got Talent. He is absolutely amazing, and before you read any further check out this

This man takes my breath away. American Idol and all its spin offs have driven me crazy for years. The obsession with being famous and having your moment in the sun has driven totally talentless people who have been told all their lives that they are wonderful to exhibitions that should NEVER make it beyond the living room. These people often think they were born to act or sing or dance or some other performing art, but their pettiness at being refused the recognition of greatness reveals a shallowness that cannot support art. And then Paul Potts happens across the screen.

I am almost convinced that he could only happen outside of America. There is too much pressure to conform to a stylish and plastic representation of talent here, and almost no appreciation for the arts in their more formal forms to allow for an opera singer to win a talent contest. Additionally, there is little true value given to people who pursue their life's passion with passion. Passion requires pain, heartache and incredible sacrifice. There is nothing comfortable, sane or pragmatic about passion. It is not balanced or profitable. Passion requires a tenacity that would have a man work for years selling cell phones so that his non-existent confidence in a rather homely package could prompt him to sing opera before the most callous judge in what basically works out as a popularity contest.

Passion is a topic worth meditation. I have often defined myself as a passionate person but it is a dangerous label to give oneself and it is not conducive to normalcy or balance. Can I become a less passionate person? Can I be whole and remove that as foundational to my identity? Can you be passionate without an object to your passion? There is more here than I can go into at this time, but I keep thinking of Paul Potts. What am I born to do? What do I have to do before I know that answer?


Splendiferous MT said...

WOW! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! To have that talent and boldness and humility! I LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

It's so good it brings tears to your eyes! Loved seeing you guys on Saturday! Thanks for driving out! Love,Gen

mama2boys said...

I hadn't heard of him before you introduced him to me here-but wow! what talent! I wanted to comment that I agree with the notion that he wouldn't have won here, in the US. We are too many people who have way too high an opinion of ourselves. To us-nobody matters but us. Which is sobering to think that really, without Christ we are SO nothing! kwim?
Also-I think of myself as having a select few soapbox topics...does that make me passionate about those topics? Wonderful things to ponder! thanks! :-)