09 June 2007

The first day on the job

Today was my first day working with IRD. Not only did I teach my first set of 3 classes, but I was under observation by a veteran teacher in my second class! He was very sympathetic to my situation and mentioned that he thought is was rather unfair to be observed on your first day.... He was altogether gracious and helped me out of two difficult situations, and for that I am very thankful.

One of the best parts of this job is how well it fits me. I love to teach and these workshop set-ups teaching various ages means that I am not easily bored or likely to get in a rut. It was a long day, however, and it felt great to be home. Sara and Jud, however, ran off on me and went out swing dancing at Willowbrook. They invited me to go along, but after getting up at 5:30 and teaching for 6 hours + set-up time and drive time, I didn't have anything like the energy necessary.

Sara and Jud were lifesavers today, in spite of running away on me this evening. While preparing for my first class I suddenly realized that I had forgotten ALL the student books for ALL 3 of my classes! These are the books that the students use to do their in-class reading practice which makes up .5-.75 of the class. I sent an SOS out to Sara and she and Jud rode the El out to the northwest side and brought me the books for my second two classes. I am not sure what I owe her for sacrificing such a big chunk of her Saturday, but I am EXTREMELY grateful. Now I know to double and triple check my packing list before I head out. This is especially important because my next 4 classes are Monday/Tuesday in South Bend IN, about a 2hr drive from our apartment (if the traffic is good). Sara couldn't rescue me in that situation:-D


Stacey said...

Cool! Sounds like a good job! Hope it keeps going well. What are you teaching?

Tim Greene said...

Becky! Nice blog. Do you remember Tim Greene from Chicago? April leaked your blog to me =P
I'm glad to see you're doing so well!

TulipGrrl said...

Glad it went well!

Hey, Tim! Remember me?! Your mom gave me her rocking chair for a wedding present, to rock my babies. (And I have four boys now! *L* Didn't quite catch up with your mom!)

Btw, Rebecca, thought you'd be interested in commenting on this conversation:

thatmompodcast said...


Would you consider e-mailing me at www.shesthatmom@gmail.com? I am thatmom from the truewomanhood discussion.

Momma Amy said...

I just read through True Womanhood blog about the Botkins sisters thing and I wanted to say that your comment was Wonderful. I think you shared things so well and I am very proud to be your sister!

Love You!!

TulipGrrl said...

R, I'm SO SAD that things didn't come together for us to see you when we were in Chicago. *hug*