14 June 2007

An interesting blog post

For those of you who may not peruse my comments, I would encourage you to check out an interesting discussion at the True Womanhood blog. Tulipgrrl brought it to my attention. The post itself was short, but it generated a lively debate/commentary on the question of Stay At Home Daughters. This issue is close to my heart, and I encourage you to take some time to skim the comments. There are couple on there from yours truly and Amy weighed in as well.


mama2boys said...

hello! I found your blog from this same discussion that I started reading through last night. One of your comments on the topic really stuck for me; I quoted it in my blog entry last night. thank you! thank you for giving me the words to express my opinion.

My name is April. said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing that discussion link. I was a bit cynical at first but I think I grew to respect some of the opinions there. I guess it's humbling for me, learning to forgive, and also letting people grow. Seriously, thank you!

sethswifeforlife said...

Hi Rebecca. It's been a while, you may remember me as Abby (Wakefield) and I just wanted to say I was encouraged by reading your post on the biblical womanhood discussion. I had been notified about it from another former homeschooler (now a young wife and mom) to give her my thoughts on the issues.
I have been encouraged that many who are responding are looking at it from a Scriptural viewpoint and really searching for real answers.
Keep seeking CHRIST first, and ALL these things will be added unto you!
God bless,